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Moss-covered steps near Boronia Falls, Mount Victoria,  found May 2012

Moss-covered steps near Boronia Falls, Mount Victoria,  found May 2012

Bushwalking in the Blue Mountains

1. Wear appropriate clothing — be prepared for sudden drops in temperature or increases in wind strength. Mountains weather can change quickly! Check the weather forecast before you leave home.

2.  Wear comfortable, strong shoes — never thongs or sandals.

3. Take water or a drink of some kind with you — never drink from waterfalls or creeks. Almost without exception they are polluted.

4. Always stay the distance of your height from unfenced cliff edges. Stay inside safety fences.

5. Tell someone where you are going and how long you expect to be. Write it down with an estimated time of return. Stick to your plan.

6. Remember all native plants, flowers, birds, animals and snakes etc are protected.

7. Do not take dogs with you — native animals will be disturbed by their scent on paths. (Dogs are not allowed in the National Park areas.)

8. Smoking and bushwalking don’t fit together very well. If you must smoke please be very careful with matches and butts.

9. Carry a plastic bag with you for your own rubbish or for picking up other litter.


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