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Pocket Pal: Centennial Glen and Porters Pass

Pocket Pal: Centennial Glen and Porters Pass

Centennial Glen and Porters Pass

West Blackheath, Blue Mountains

On the western side of Blackheath a group of walking tracks provide access to sights that, though not as spectacular in size as the Grose Valley side of the town, are nevertheless awe inspiring.

Try Walls Ledge on a sunny spring or autumn afternoon; the grotto on a hot summer day; the old tracks of Lower Porters Pass and Centennial Pass for a strenuous workout; or brave the stone steps beside Slippery Dip when the wind is playing with the waterfall!

You can start the walks from three different places. Spend a few minutes, all day or several days. Wander along cliff ledges, wonder at views of the Kanimbla Valley, see waterfalls and waratahs, and watch climbers in action.

Centennial Glen and Porters Pass was the seventh Pocket Pal published and contains 40 pages with 7 colour photos and 11 maps covering 9.1km of tracks.

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