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Fifty Blue Mountains Openings


Fifty Blue Mountains Openings ~ Tracks, Lookouts, Monuments ... and a few surprises

Royal Visitors, Prime Ministers, Premiers, Governors, Members of Parliament, Councillors, Residents ...

Men, Women, Children ...

All have played a part in the opening ceremonies of Blue Mountains Tracks, Lookouts, Monuments (... and a few surprises) that in most cases have endured through the years and remain with us today.

Fifty Blue Mountains Openings covers 50 significant events with over 280 illustrations of the ceremonies, the people who took part, the documented records and current views. Some historic photos have never been published before.

Come on a journey from 1899 through to 1991 and learn more about the Blue Mountains and its amazing scenery. Learn of the people who made possible what others said could not be done. Read about the visions fulfilled. And then there are the promised surprises!

Topics include Govetts Leap or Williams Track, Blackheath (1899), Federal Pass, Leura-Katoomba (1900), National Pass, Wentworth Falls (1908), Victor Falls, Hazelbrook (1916), Mount Boyce Reserve, Mount Boyce (1923), Wilson Glen, Woodford (1933), Bushwalkers War Memorial, Splendour Rock (1948) and Queen Elizabeth Lookout, Katoomba (1955).

The promised surprises? How about a wish, a drink, a prayer, and a geography lesson? Oh, let's not forget a dramatic holdup on the Western Road!

A4 portrait, 152 pages, Full-colour celloglazed cover, Perfect Bound.

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