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Contents page of Hassans Walls ~ Prized and Pillaged

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Hassans Walls ~ Prized and Pillaged

Highest Lookout in the Blue Mountains

Most extensive one-point view in the Blue Mountains

In 1882 the NSW Government had the foresight to create the Hassans Walls Reserve. Nowhere else on a drive along the Great Western Highway through the Blue Mountains does one look up at such a line of towering cliffs. There have been many far-sighted residents who have realised what a treasure Hassans Walls is. They have prized it and taken action to make it accessible for others to enjoy and prize this spectacular escarpment.

But there have been some who have looked at the area as one to be exploited by removing the coal under the reserve. This has turned into one of the great tragedies of the twentieth century in the Blue Mountains. There is now an enduring legacy of rockfalls, cracked rocks and destruction of natural and man-made features that will probably go on for many years to come. These people have pillaged the reserve.

This book documents the natural and man-made assets of Hassans Walls. For over 130 years nature-loving citizens have labored so that residents and visitors can appreciate the natural treasure on their doorstep. Readers will want to be those who prize Hassans Walls far into the future!

"DURING more than three decades as Editor of the Lithgow Mercury and membership of various ‘Friends’ groups I felt I knew all there was to know about the Hassans Walls Reserve. That was until I read Keith Painter’s latest book, appropriately titled ‘Hassans Walls; Prized and Pillaged’. This is far more than a dry essay on geological features and the people who opened up the escarpment for public appreciation. It is also a fascinating social history of the community from the early 1900s and the level of Keith’s research in unearthing little known detail is a tribute to his tireless dedication. This book deserves a place on the bookshelf of everyone truly interested in events that shaped our community. More importantly it may serve to promote a social conscience to finally right the neglect of the past. Hassans Walls is one of the most spectacular natural jewels of the Greater Blue Mountains; it is also the most neglected. It truly has been more pillaged than prized but perhaps—just perhaps — !"

A4 landscape 160 pages
Full-colour celloglazed cover
Perfect Bound
Over 330 photos and copies of documents
93 topics tell the story of Hassans Walls through named features, lookouts, caves, etc.

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