Blue Mountains Bushwalking Guides
& Local History Books

Mountain Mist Books brings you the Pocket Pal range of pocket-sized bushwalking guides
PLUS a growing range of local history books.

How to use Pocket Pal

Pocket Pal has been designed to read as you plan your trip. Then, as you walk, carry it in your pocket. Refer to it as often as you need.

Maps: These are designed to show which sections have steps and how many. Tracks have been graded into four categories: no steps; 1–30 steps per 100 metres; 31–60 steps per 100 metres; and more than 60 steps per 100 metres. Rough track is also shown. (The first two books, Prince Henry Cliff Walk and Terrace Falls are more detailed.)

Access: Describes where you can start or finish each section. The part in brackets and italics indicates access from the opposite end of the section.

Length: Track distances have been measured or assessed and distances rounded to the nearest ten metres. 

Time: Bushwalking time is rather subjective: one walker may travel briskly, another dawdles. My suggestions are for comfortable walking with short pauses at features.

Rating: Another subjective area! What is difficult to one may be easy to another. My grading is based on aspects such as the condition of the track (is it rough?), and the number of steps (is it steep?).

Text: Covers interesting features, plants (botanical names in italics), potential hazard warnings, and historical information about names of features. Information was up to date at time of publication.

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