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Padley of the Pedestal ~ James McMillan Padley

Now Available - October 2018!

This book is more than just a biography. Within its pages over 500 photos, news clips, documents, maps, and transcripts will take you on a journey with the Padley family from 1801 Yorkshire, England, through the Victorian gold rush at Castlemaine, followed by the heady days of Melbourne’s boom years, then “home” to England. But the great Southern land of opportunity called the family back in the 1880s. For James there were shop ventures in Sydney, Windsor, and northern NSW, followed by a ten-year yo-yo relationship with Windsor, finally settling in Lithgow in 1902. Here he put down roots and was soon the driving force in the Lithgow Progress Association and the chief instigator of the development of Hassans Walls. He left his mark on Lithgow in many ways so that his peers said —

“We’d Like to See … A few more men of the stamp of Mr. Padley. There are few townsmen who put in their time and substance to help the town on like him. In fact, in season and out of season he sets an example that puts most of us to shame. By his labors (almost unassisted) we are in possession of the majority of the beauty spots of Lithgow (and there are many). Saturday after Saturday will find him with axe, or pick, or shovel wending his way to some new look-out, and then by hours of hard labor he gives to the people of Lithgow another place of beauty. …” — Democrat.

“ … he was one of Lithgow’s best citizens, a man whose life was unselfish, and who was a model of civic patriotism. In every movement for the benefit of the town he was always to the fore, and though a man of retiring disposition, being one who relied on deeds rather than words, he was generally given the position which entailed the most responsibility.” — Lithgow Mercury

A4 portrait page size, 210 pages, Perfect Bound, Full-colour celloglazed covers.

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