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The Chert Bubble ~ Volume 1. 1920s Chert Ventures at Mount Victoria

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The Chert Bubble

Volume 1 - The Company

1920s Chert Ventures at Mount Victoria

This is the story of the "Chert Incline" at Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains.

The Chert Road Metal and Timber Company Limited was formed in 1922 to exploit chert and timber resources in the Kanimbla Valley below Mount Victoria. The company constructed a siding beside the Western Railway, between Blackheath and Mount Victoria. Then they built a 1km incline railway down into the valley. It was a three-rail balanced incline railway. The track was 2ft 6in gauge. The incline used four timber trestles, the biggest one at the cliff was about 21m high and nearly 200m long. Haulage was done by a Salisbury double cylinder, double drum steam winding engine.

A branch railway was built near the Chert Siding (as locals call it today) for unloading timber and logs. This "Timber Line" ran along a low timber trestle.

The chert quarry was about 250m east of the lower part of the incline railway and a tramway was under construction to link the two.

The operations were officially opened on October 16th 1926. 

But within a year the company was in financial trouble. Eventually the machinery etc was sold by auction in August 1929.

The book is 148 A4 pages, perfect bound, and contains over 300 photos (most in colour), diagrams, maps and copies of documents and newspaper reports.

Here's what one reader thought about the book:

Hello Keith, I've just finished reading "The  Chert Bubble". This is a well researched and written book. I read it from cover to cover having difficulty to put it down. Because of the presentation and the subject matter it's a book I wanted to keep reading to learn about a piece of history I had no idea existed. 
Well done and congratulations! 
Regards Dennis 
PS. Can't wait for Volume 2


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